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It’s me Kruti  Trivedi

I belong to the people who are miracle believers in this world of practical peoples I am among them who thinks from heart where the world is full of people playing with brains! 

Yes I am unique from this world but not odd!!
Writing is something that always make me heart feel smooth, it’s the best medium to Express all my feelings!

I would like to thank writer’s villa as for me is just as same as gars the way it helps human beings to reach the correct destination same does the writer’s villa to me !


A letter to my ex-best friend forever

Dear Anmol,

I know you must be thinking that when it changed from motu to anmol, actually even I don’t know about that!

I don’t know when that friendship broke, how it broke, when that Motu Patlu change to Anmol and Neha that two friends who were will always together and now if coincidently meet on road just exchange smiles!, how much distance has increased in between us!

But it was very difficult for me handle myself you had left! I was very alone, scattered,broken, as is no one was there ever with me way you were with me , I even loved you more than my parents , from the smallest trouble to the biggest problem I used to share it with you ,every festival we have celebrated together that now I celebrate alone and silence! our rule of tieing friendship band first in each others hand on frndship day but now my hands are remained without bands!

I don’t know how it happened , was it just due to some misunderstanding that went deep inside a heart and then how many of questions are left unmasked inside the brains!
I don’t know why we didn’t not ever try to solve it out , mistake was mine or yours never matters but the friendship was our’s even I don’t know that why I never got results of my efforts ….leave it’s past, it’s over now…. but tried to be a good friend always tried to keep our friendship even after you were not there I never told anything bad about you or nor could I ever say that as you were my best friend!

and I still miss you a lot!

as It was life it had to go through even after leaving…I still make lots of friends but I don’t have friendship with anyone

I never knew that to write on a breakup instant of a friendship!

My poem is about just a question which I want to ask to you,

“Where were you”

when ever you Needed eyes to look at you comfortably , I was always there for you!
Whenever you need it ears to listen to all your all bad and good stuff, I was there!
Whenever you need it a smile at those who made you cry, I was there!
whenever you needed tongue to speak against the world for you ,I was there!
Whenever you need hands to clap and pet for your success, I was there!
Whenever you need it run fast from your worries, I was there!
Even when you need it tears to appear and flow from your eyes to make your heart feel lighter, I was there!
But where were you when I needed you where were you, where were you!!!

If by chance you read somewhere or hear it out and if tears flow from your eyes just run and come to me and hug me!
no questions no answers all answers our all the answers will be given out by the silent hug between us!

Maybe now this letter won’t ever come to you as the distance is much between us but by chance, if you ever read it out remember Neha misses her Moto a lot..she cannot be friends with this Anmol and if possible give back her motu from someone you have forgotten a long time ago but she hasn’t Neha

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