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Hello guys! I am Shubhangi Singh from  Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. I always wanted to describe the world as I see it and also to understand others’ views. So, I figured that molding my thoughts in a poetical way would be a good idea to convey my thoughts. At first I was not good at writing but with time, I found myself empathizing to situations & putting my thoughts into words in better way. I don’t have any working experience with any magazine or about publishing my poetry till now. But , yes I am interested in writing poetry, reading them and listening to the one’s who inspire me to write. I find myself more observing towards things, taking up quite a different view of the situation.

Just like everyone I have my own perspective towards any situation which I always try to put down in words. I also try to go in depth of situations and try to put myself in place of different people to see any situation from different perspectives. It helps me to write the things which people can relate too not just read what I feel. I like to write about the situations we face and emotions we feel in a day to day life. I am interested in writing about social issues more because I want them to come in light as some people never give a thought about them, so if they read & it stirs their emotions at least they will think according to their point of view and may be one day we’ll be able to make some better changes.

For this I needed a place to pour my thoughts where more people can read them and then I came in contact with the writer’s villa through one of my friend. In starting, I didn’t think I would be able to come this far but the way the writer’s villa team is putting effort for us, providing us new topic on daily basis which really effect our society, to improve our writing skills & our thought process is really appreciable. I have also learnt a lot from my fellow writers & we all are now the writer’s villa family. So here I am writing for them and glad to be on this platform. Thank you to the writer’s villa team for supporting new age writers like us. You all are blessing to us.


Now I know

Now I know

Meeting you was only meant To woke me up from illusion I dreamt The idea of love wasn’t wrong, but You weren’t the one God wanted to present…

Seeing you by my side I always thought you were my perfect sight And yes, you were my favorite, but You gifted me darkness, when I was busy in being your light…

Now I know

This was all to make me realize I can be someone’s hope to survive I have yet to meet the stronger me But my innocence is going to be the price…

My heart was so delicate I believed finding love in you was my fate But you crushed me and left Like it was all lie when you said “You are my soul mate”

Now I know

My heart is still tenuous But I am no more oblivious I let you touch my scars But your touch was injurious…

Now I know!!!

Hopes look like You Mom

Hope looks like
You mom,

Whenever I think I have lost my everything
A smile even on your tired face Reminds me my blessing…

When it feels like I can’t Swim in the Sea of responsibilities anymore Your hard work for us Give me courage to make it to the shore…

Whenever I am stuck and Can’t decide which path to follow Just a talking session with you Makes clear where I have to flow…

When it feels like I am falling apart With every touch of your hands You’re giving me back my lost part…

Yes Mom,
Hope exactly looks like you

I’m a wildflower

I’m a wildflower

Growing with scars Instead of beauty 

Have courage to face storms

No matter how harsh it would be

I am an alluring heart 

Painted with my scars  

Finding place in everyone’s heart

Just like I grow in barren place and deserts

From the time when I feel desolated 

Till now, I have learnt to bloom ubiquitously 

From dancing in the rain fearlessly

To falling on the plain thoughtlessly

I kept my soul on fire for their desires

And dilate in my own way beautifully…


प्यार कि कई कहानियों कि हकीकत हूं,
बिन शब्दों के प्यार से लिखा कोई खत हूं।

मैं फिज़ाओं में हर कहीं बिखरी रंगत हूं,
धारा का सौंदर्य, ज़मीं पे नसीब जन्नत हूं।

डायरी में पन्नों के बीच एक दबी हसरत हूं,
हर इश्क़ में घुलती खुशबू कि जरूरत हूं।

पुराने लम्हों कि याद दिलाए, वो फ़ुर्सत हूं,
किसी चेहरे पे मुस्कुराहट कि कीमत हूं।

देखो तो हर कहीं शुमार जो, वो कुदरत हूं,
दुःखी मन को हंसना सिखाए, वो फ़रहत हूं।

संभाली हुई, घरों के बगीचे की इज्जत हूं,
जहां प्यार नहीं मिला, उस घर से रुख़्सत हूं।

डर डर के किसी के इजहार कि शिद्दत हूं,
मैं सुखी हुई कहीं छुपी प्यार की मूरत हूं।

मैं उस खुदा कि इस संसार के लिए रहमत हूं,
उन्हीं चरणों में, किसी के हिस्से कि ता'अत हूं।

कांटों से घिरा, कभी कलियों से निकली हैरत हूं,
टहनीयों के इश्क़ में डूबी कभी गहरी उल्फ़त हूं।

“आखिर क्यों ?”

क्यों रुक रही
क्यों थम रही
है कोई उलझन तो उसका शोर सही
क्यों सोच रही
क्यों टोंक रही
है गर जज्बात तो बोल सही
क्यों डर रही
क्यों मर रही
है जीना तो चल जी सही
क्यों समेट रही
क्यों पिरो रही
है बिखरी जिंदगी तो बिखरी सही
क्यों रो रही
क्यों जाग रही
है आंसू तो जज्बात सही
क्यों प्यास रही
क्यों आस रही
है नहीं वो तेरा तो ना सही

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