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We all know that random things are not good sometimes but in my case it comes as a blessing. Since
childhood I am a full on music person the one who loves to sing and play instruments but as time
passes I came to realize that i am inclined towards writing too.. And slowly music and writing
become the inseparable part of my life. I started writing two liners and short paras and poetries
When I step up in college and came to know about their annual college magazine and thought of
giving it a try and got featured. And participated in musiccompetitions and fest By the time i realise
that i really like picture poetry or presenting pictures through poetry and started writing captions
for some pictures. Giving words to pictures added to the list of my hobbies and I enjoy Mixing songs
and poetries .
During this lockdown when we are all shelled in our homes and are all grossed into our phones
scrolling down I came to know about the writers villa and that’s when all this started and now I am
feeling so happy to be a part of the writers villa family. When I joined I really don’t know this comes
out so good those interactive session, those tasks, the villa admins, the whole gang is just amazing.
Be a part of this group I truly realise that every word has its own importance in one way or the other.
And not only that we sometimes write about random topics, cartoon characters, cinema just to add
a fun element to it and crack some jokes too. Above all hilarious jokes and videos we are
contributing to something good and innovative. The constant mentoring and motivation with quick
feedbacks reduces the communication barrier by the admins makes us feel connected and we learn
new things each day and this help us to grow as a individual I am extremely delighted and thrilled to
be a part of this lovely group of writers. This is one of my wonderful experience which I always
remember and cherish all my life it is said that life is unexpected and full of surprises I think I am
having one and enjoying every bit of it. . The villa family really defines the meaning of unity in
diversity . Beside having different religion, state, or even language, accent we all came together
share our views, relate, applause, and learn from each other and enjoy our journey towards being a
good writer. I am thankful to the writers villa family for giving me a chance to join and explore new
things and share experience with people and able to analyse our strengths and weaknesses in a
beautiful way by playing with words. Helping us to groom and gloom like a petal. The whole group is
filled with positive vibes, happy faces and are adorable,all we see is pure love for poetry and writing.

Keep up the good work, keep reading, keep supporting.

Thank you



I still search for you
I still search for you..
In the city lights
In the darker nights
I still search for you
In the drowning tides
In the flying kites
I still search for you
In the deepest smiles
In the longest miles
I still search for you
Will you be mine
With you it all looks fine


My life, My choice
Yes I see her eyes and feel deep in
Yes I see my world through her eyes
And yes, I am a boy and I m a virgin
Yes I hold her hand and feel secure
Yes she is my stress burst cabin
And yes, I am a boy and I am a virgin
Yes I like her to entertain
And my love for her is uncertain
And yes! I’m a boy and I’m a virgin
Yes! This is my choice which i maintain
Yes this is my life not a game
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I am a boy and I am a virgin

तुम ऐसी ही तो अच्छी लगती हो

तुम ऐसे ही तो अच्छी लगती हो
आंखों पर काजल नहीं शमम का पहरा है
दिखाती नहीं हो अलग बात है,
पर दिल पर जख़्म गहरा है।

तुम जैसी भी हो
ऐसे ही तो अच्छी लगती हो
होठों पर लाली नहीं मुस्कान सजाती हो;
ज्यादा बोलती नहीं वह अलग बात है
पर इशारों से सब कह जाती हो।

तुम जैसी भी हो
तुम ऐसे ही तो अच्छी लगती हो;
मेरे लिए मुझ सा सजती हो।

बादल की बात

ओ पवन!

जो मैं गिरु संभाल लेना तुम;

ए बारिश 

फूलों को मेरा पैगाम देना तुम;

अपनी कोमल बूूंदों से उन्हें सवार देना तुम,

गिरो जो मट्टी पर उसे तार देना तार देना तुम

जो मैं अगर गिरुं संभाल लेना तुम संभाल लेना तुम

ए बाररश फलों को मेरा पैगाम देना तुम

उस टूटे घड़े को मेरा क्यास देना तुम

प्यासेउस पंछी को मेरा एहसास बिना तुम

जो मैंगगरं संभाल लेना तुम

पहचान सेअनजान लडके

अरे!ओ लडके

माना थोडे झल्ले थोडे नादान हो तुम

जान कर भी अपनी ही पहचान से अनजान हो तुम

मम्मी के मासमू ,बहना की जान हो तुम

पापा के लीए नासमझ थोडे, अपने साथी के सांझेदार हो तुम

माना थोडे झल्ले थोडे नादान हो तुम

जान कर भी अपनी ही पहचान से अनजान हो तुम

थोडे नाजुक थोडे, थोडे दमदार हो तुम

पररवार की शान, अलभमान हो तुम

माना थोडे झल्ले थोडे नादान हो तुम

जान कर भी अपनी ही पहचान से अनजान हो तुम

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