Welcome to The Writer’s Villa, a platform for budding magicians with words. Yes, you heard it right, magicians. This is what a writer does with words, they create something that doesn’t exist, that’s magic!

The Writer’s Villa provides an opportunity for the writers to write their dreams out and publish it. Yes you got it right, we help you achieve what you dream for. We are a publishing house who are searching for talented writers all over the country willing to turn their dreams into reality. Ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, we have every option. Just write it out.

Basically, The word sonnet is derived from the Italian word “sonetto,” which means a “little song” or a small lyric. In poetry, a sonnet has 14 lines and is written in iambic pentameter. But wait a minute, we don’t have any such restrictions related to iambic pentameter or line restrictions, we believe in freedom.

In this Sonnets section, you can submit your poetries and verses which may or may not be in any specific format. It can be free verse, sonnet, haiku or anything that has rhyme and rhythm.

We will publish your works under your name. The list of the names of the writers is given below.