Open Mics

Open Mics

You might have heard about Canvas Laugh Club or Comicstaan. Many of you might have even binge-watched those stand-up comedy shows. What are they? Some special screen recorded act or series? Well, no. They are called stand up comedies. If you have watched them, then you might already have a pretty good idea about Open mics as well.  Well, guess what? We at The Writer’s Villa provide a similar opportunity to you guys to enjoy stand-ups like those in the form of Open mics.

What is an Open Mic?

Open Mic refers to an event organised by certain enthusiastic people who gather other people. In that gathering, people are given opportunity to speak up or listen to the speakers. There are speakers who speak up something or anything. Their pieces might range from their self composed poetry, short stories, experience, speech etc. to songs. Or they might borrow a piece of writing from a renowned writer and recite it for the audience by giving proper credit to the creator.

Basically, Open mic stand up are a kind of stand up for a likeminded audience who are there to discuss something. You can be a part of that gathering even if you don’t have anything to say by being there in audience. You can boost the morale of the speaker while enjoying yourself. It is Open, as the name suggests, for everyone to attend without any restriction.

Who are we and How would we help you in open mics ?

The Writer’s Villa is a publishing house which provides various services to everyone who approaches us. We believe in dreams and we are determined to help all the people around us to fulfil theirs. But publication is not the only way to spread delight and happiness. We also have a fabulous service of Open mics which will leave the listeners enthralled and the speakers delighted.

The Writer’s Villa provides a variety of Open Mike events to choose from, just for you. We provide Open mic comedy nights, Open mic nights, Open mic comedy in daytime, and several other open mic events. You can be floating over river Ganges (or any other river you wish to) while listening to Gazals. You can be enjoying your lunch on a roof top restaurant while listening to a song in your local open mic. Find youeself a cosy and comfortable chair with a book in hand while listening and waiting for your turn to speak. You can spend your weekend fabulously with your friends while laughing your guts out in an open mic comedy night.

No need to search Google for Open mic nights near me to know about the events occurring near you, instead just ping us. We at The Writer’s Villa are professionals who are capable of hoisting Open mike nights just in your city.

What you have to do to register for open mics?

What you have to do is to simply fill up the form below. The Writer’s Villa team will get back to you with detailed information about the event and further proceedings. But before we contact you, you need to help us by giving certain basic information.

The information should include your name and address along with pin code. Apart from that, you will be needed to tell us the venue that you have in mind to host this event. If you don’t have any venue in mind, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You simply have to tell us about the kind of place you want to organise it. Like some basic demands from that place, time of the event, number of people attending the event, special guests to be invited (if any) etc.

Our team will analyse your locality and gather information. Then we will proceed to evaluate the cost of the event according to the crowd you want to entertain. Maybe a few members of our team will visit you for details and discussions before the event is finalised. The planning of the event and finalising the prepared plan with all the setups to make it perfect will require some time. We are fully effective and efficient team of people who thrive to give our clients best of their experiences. So, you will be provided the service as soon as possible. But again, it’s better to wait than later regret.

Also, the process may sound a bit hectic but trust us, you just have to provide information and we will handle it all. After all, you are here to enjoy and entertain others and we just believe in spreading happiness. And trust us when we say that we don’t only organise the event, we create a bonding, a familial connection with the people, with the city and with you. We give a part of ours to you and take away several memories with us, to be cherished as the time passes. After all, memories make us who and what we are.

Further Information

If you want to know about the Open mike near you, you just need to click like on our Facebook page and you will be informed about the next event. If there is no event of open mic near you, then just contact us and organise one. It is not that difficult to spread happiness you see.

If you want any further information regarding Open Mics or any other services that we provide (you can check the menu to see them), you simply have to enter your query in the Contact Us field. We are here to satisfy your demands and curiosities.

Have a happy day!

With hopes to meet you in the next event,


Team The Writer’s Villa