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Welcome to The Writer’s Villa.

Do you have what it takes to complete a task that has been buried inside your heart? Can you move on from just daydreaming about a book with your name on the place of author? Do you really want to take the challenge in your own hand to write that book really wanted others to read ?. Do you think that you have an idea that can help the world if only you had an opportunity to present in the form of words? Are you searching on Google about the ‘book publishers near me’? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes…! Then you are at the right place to begin your writing journey from.

Who are we?

The Writer’s Villa is a book publishing company which helps the budding author into turning their thoughts and words into book printing. We at The Writer’s Villa believe that if you have the matter then we are here to help you to publish your own book. Apart from paperback and hardcover book printing, we also provide option of online publishing. We are a group of enthusiasts who aim to help the authors into turning their dreams through our book publication service. We are the book publishers who provide book printing services as well as book marketing services. You just need to have a passion towards writing and we are here to turn that passion into proof that you can hold in hand.

How can we help you?

We will help you by getting to you and helping you turning your words into a book. Every writer knows what it means to hold a book which is written by himself/herself. We thrive on the passion of the writers and readers who are passionate towards the literary world as we are. Still there are several issues that occur even after completing your writing. Writing a book is half the battle won, we are here to help you conquer that quest. We are the devoted team of book printers who will stand by you on every step of publishing. We will guide you through the thick and thin that publishing world is so full of. Once you are with us, you need not to worry about the quality of service. We handle the book publication with complete devotion

What will be your role in this?

For having your book published with us, you will need to have a few things with you immediately after we get back to you. Even though you don’t need to have your complete book with you right now, you will be needed to submit a synopsis of your prospective book with at least two chapters. The synopsis and the chapters submitted to us then will be evaluated by our editing team. You should also tell us about the chapter outline of the further chapters.

Your manuscript and the chapters will be analysed on several parameters just to ensure that the given book has the potential to attract. We will check on with the writing style of the author, way of storytelling, originality of the text etc. Plagiarism of the text – highly prohibited. All this might take time to be evaluated and checked upon, so you are needed to act patiently while we consider all this. As they say, good things take time. Till then, use this time to complete your manuscript.

Support on your tips

 You shall tell us about the genre in which you are going to write (fiction, non-fiction, self help, fantasy etc.). Mention the type of work you are submitting like novel, collection of short stories, poetry collection, anthology, course book etc. You must explain to us if you have any particular group of readers whom you want to specifically focus on or will be good for them.

Remember to inform us if you have submitted the manuscript to any other publishing company. Also, if your work gets accepted somewhere for publication and you want to publish with them, then you must inform us about the change immediately. This will help us in our working. You must keep a copy of the document you sent to us with yourself as well.

The terms and conditions of the publishing of your work will be sent to you after the selection of your book by our editing team for publication. We will get back to you discuss all about it such as royalty, areas where we will release it, number of copies to be published etc. We will need information about you as well to be published along with your book.

And last but not the least, it is not as cumbersome as it seems to be.  Just drop in your synopsis with us and wait for the result. We are always in search of stories that connect people. We are sure that everybody has a story or two within themselves, so what are you waiting for!

How can you contact us?

Contacting us is as simple as the process of publishing your book by us. Just enter your details in the Contact us box visible on this page and we will get back to you. You should have your synopsis and at least two chapters ready with you. Additionally an outline of the further chapters that you intend to write will be required. If you want to add any extra inquire about a specific services, you can do so that as well. We will provide you with a contact mail to take any queries and suggestions

It 2020, it is just a click away – your dream, your book.