Record with Us

Record with Us: The Motive

Keeping up with the tradition of bringing new ways for you to unleash your creativity – the team of Writer’s Villa now brings you an opportunity to get recorded with us! Recording yourself is the first step towards the path of becoming a digital star! You can post your work on YouTube and show your skills and talents to the world! The Writer’s Villa provides two ways for you to go further with this service:

Record @ Home

You may record with us from the comforts of your home. The services and equipments for your recording are just one click away. You can connect with our service providers for this purpose by registering on our website, and a team will reach to your house. This team will consist of people who have experience in the field of recording/videography, and they will carry all types of equipment regarding the same. You need not worry about the technicalities. All you need to prepare with is your content. Some examples of things you can record with us:

  • Singing
  • Slam Poetries
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Shayari
  • Short Story
  • Dramatics

Record @ Studio

The choice of recording yourself at our studio is suitable if you are looking for a location and background of better quality. In this case, our team will provide you with an address, and a date suitable for you, and you will have to be present at the location at the prescribed time.

It is possible that by recording at our studios, you will be able to create an even more professional and high-quality video. This is because we will be able to use more pieces of equipment which may be hard to carry to your houses.

However, no matter which service you choose, you have our assurance that there will be no compromise on quality and full justice will be done to your work!

How to ‘Record with Us’?

To show your interest in either of the services, kindly register with us on our website:

The further details on our services and the cost of the procedure will be provided to you on call. So, take a step forward towards your dreams today and register with us to make them come true!


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