Injustice hurls the nation when the light of liberty becomes a tool of exploitation.
The fourth wave of feminism arrived in India targetting opulence and constraints over women which steal their freedom. Freedom to express and explore. It aimed to make women socially and financially dependent. Every rational 21st-century ideologue would accept and support it whole-heartedly. The gritty side of this movement made it obsequious and gave birth to “PSEDUOFEMINISM”.

The wave encountered ages-old patriarchal order and liberated the conservative and orthodox thoughts are dead. It died because of its solicitation and when the issue became community sensitive. The egregious elements of the movement took over the ones who pledged to edify society through this movement. The real shades of the revolution faded and started besmirching the social and psychological spaces of the youth. This phase of the movement saw radicalisation and ran out of morality in disguise. The feminism without acceptance of morality turned PSEUDOFEMINISM.

Well, the very realization of the laws being gender-biased in every male youth came in this wave only when it was multiple times used for illicit reasons. Yes, there were days when misogyny used to rule and tyranny over women’s idea of being free would be done publicly. But the tables turned.
Recently, Section 497 of the Indian penal code was amended. Supreme court realized that now it is the time when not only men but women also are booked for adultery. In 2018 itself almost 500 men faced mental harassment. They were blackmailed by women for pleasure, money etc. Such infringe elements took advantage of the society’s bent towards them. Ironically voices of these men haven’t reached to the women who said MEN ARE TRASH yet.

This social reforming movement is at interjacent of the radicalism that causes pseudo feminism and the real actual women who demanded equal social and financial status, who really wanted the modern stereotypes cast to them. As a rational youth male commentator, I have penitence over the atrocities that women faced in past. I am boldly against the intra-population which stripped women of their basic right and subjected them imprudent harsh bias conviction of the society.
The vision of the new India we all see will definitely come true if the true rangers of the feminism came out and held the baton. That day we will overcome and succeed in making NEW AND FREE INDIA where all the seven colours of the rainbow would be one spectrum.
We shall overcome one day.

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