How to do research for poetry?

How to do research for poetry?

Poetry is a blaze of your imagination which you present with a written expression, harmonising the emotions inside with words.
To present it, you have to understand the inner feelings.
Most people have problems while writing poetry for the reason that they do not understand their emotions. First thing first , you should know your thoughts; understand yourself.
Here, you will learn step by step for poetry research. All that is nessesary for “how to do research for a poetry?”

Why is it necessary to do research before writing a poetry?

To start, it’s very important to provide a understandable meaning for our readers. The society in which we live, there are different kind of people with different perspective. It is also important to know what are their thoughts about that particular topic. Your poems and your stories can be the best way to bring a good change in our society. To know the topic completely, research for that topic, understanding that and your knowledge not only based on information available on internet but you should understand what reader’s want to read and their perspective too and also you should spend time with nature.
It is very important to know the ways of writing so that you can connect with reader’s mind to let them understand.
One should give a deep thought on the major theme of the poetry and for further follow the key points-
choose an effective topic for the poem.

To make your poem effective, you need to choose an influential subject. And you have to think deeply on that topic and understand it, for this you have to discuss the incident related to the subject with other people to understand that topic in broad perspective.
You have to connect different circumstances together, so that you can express your feeling in the poem with a conclusion.

a) How to choose an effective subject?

If this question arises in your mind- that which subject would be appropriate to describe the poem?
Then you should examine the events around you. Discuss with yourself about topics related to recent events such as unemployment, rape, poverty etc. Participate in various types of communication such as discussion on newspapers, news channels. Observe everyday problems. Also, write a poem on a scene that brings activity in your emotions by seeing it.
You can also write a comic related, mythological tale, for children, natural related work in addition to a serious subject in your poems.
Feel every character written in which topic and write down with full information .

b) What to add in poem to make it more effective?

If you want your poem’s subject to be beautiful and emotionally calling for the readers, then you must read poetry of published works written by other creators on same topic so that you can get an understanding of how you can make your poem more effective. For example you can read “The second coming” written by W. B. Yeats if you want to write a poem expressing sorrows brought by world war two. By Studing published poetry you get to learn new words, their varied uses, the rhythm of rhyme, rhyme rules related to writing poetry, etc. This way you enhance your knowledge about the subject along with experiencing the same thing with someone else’s perspective, which helps you understand the topic more than you did before.

For a thorough research over a poetry you can go through following mediums

1. Research paper on Poetry

When you’re completely certain on what subject to write, then you can also moved towards poetry reasearch paper of different famous writers and poets on that topic. Poetry research paper is a combination of dissection of the writer’s verses with someone else’s perspective and explanation of possible reasons that might have lead the writer to create it. Hence, you get to understand two definite perspectives along with more possible one’s. This helps you broaden the horizon regarding the topic. It helps you weigh different perspectives and then, if needed, combine them with yours to create a poetry with a new perspective.

2. Thesis

Do not forget to pay attention to thesis along with poetry research paper. Thesis paper will provide you more in-depth context regarding what is being expressed in the poem along with various other things, such as relevant or same topic poetries and their background. You can study thesis paper about a well-known or your favorite creator to get yourself more in touch with the topic. If you want to write a poem about culture, then try reading thesis on “A chapter of Tradition and the Individual Talent” . This will help you get a better hold on the topic and create a better piece of art.

However, some things can not be learnt without experience, but you can, of course, cultivate yours by reading and seeing other’s. Hence, reading autobiographies of writers will help you understand what ups and downs one might experience. Everyone experiences things differently but having an idea helps you understand and soak things in different ways. It will be obvious in your poetry, with the way words will align or come to you easily or how you can get a better read of a topic you want to write.

In conclusion, poetry is an art which, as much as you can indulge yourself into, also requires you to have a thorough understanding of the topic to make it more appealing to emotions of the audience. Well expressed poetry, even if not lengthy, calls to people in ways plathora of mis-aligned word can not. We hope this article helped you with understanding the intricacies involved.

Happy Writing !!!

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