Difference between a prose and a poetry.

Difference between a prose and a poetry.

Literature, as we all know, originated from a variety of genres – story, poetry, drama etc. They are all part of literature. Literature has two forms, one prose and the other one verse. The story that we read with no rhythm falls under prose and poetry is part of verse.
Now the question arises how prose is different from poetry
It is important to know what is the definition of prose? And what is definition of poetry?

General Difference

Prose is a thought oriented composition in which sentences entwined to make a string of paragraphs echoing the writer’s thoughts. The thinking developed in the prose comes out as an interpretation. In prose, contemplativeness is given special importance. Writers write as they speakband prose describes their language clearly and systematically, regarding this Molière once said,
“Good Heavens! For more than forty year i have been speaking prose without knowing it”.

Whereas poetry is a composition which is bound by rhythm, tone and verses. In this the mood of the mind is attracted with a sound. The poet seems to mention their feelings in the poems. Its language is complex and different from that of prose due to being versed. Poetry is not a word or sentence, it’s stringing verses to portray the emotions playing in the poet’s mind. In other words, the poem is just an imagery of ideas which is combined with the melody.

As you read what prose and poetry are, you must have noticed how prose is different from poetry. We will explain it thoroughly in the following key points:

Facts justifying the differences !

• In general, we all know that prose is a composition made from simple sentences that is written the way people speak. Whereas the language of poetry is not similar to ordinary language but it is composed of verses, rhyming words, spontaneous feelings of the mind.

•As we know that many types of characters are seen in prose. These characters are divided by the presentation of ideas to explain a story, this is not the case with poetry. Poetry is based on life experience or thoughts provoked by a certain event happening around, after considering an event, then presenting it in form of poem.

•Prose is often conversational in tone. Each writer has their own way of using language known as writer’s voice. Using prose in different ways helps writers craft and show off their voice but Poetry is that form of literature in which the poet uses a unique style and rhythm to express their intense experience.

•Poetry is a writing style in which poet expresses their emotions by selecting appropriate words and arranging them in a manner that creates a proper pattern and prose is a writing style in literature, which comprises characters, plot, mood, theme, the point of view, setting, etc. making it a distinctive form of language. Prose is written using grammatical sentences which form a paragraph. It may also include dialogues and is sometimes supported by images but does not have a metrical structure like poetry does.

•The form of the prose article is constructed in simple sentences. Sentences are enhanced with the help of punctuation marks, stories, autobiography, biography are covered under prose. In contrast, the poem is decorated through rhyming words in whichever form writer chooses to write, Sonnets, Acrostic, Villanelle, etc. are part of poetry.

From all the above differentiating facts we have concluded that both prose and poem are two commonly used forms of literature, with different writing styles and ways to represent. The basic difference between prose and a poem is that the former is written in simple language and in paragraphs, on the contrary a poem is written in stanzas with aesthetic style. However Veteran poets and writers like William Shakespeare in his writings complemented the prose with poetry to distinguish between social classes. Furthermore, there are many such examples in which writers used poetry lines in between a prose or a narration story which shows the dynamic nature of these forms of literature.

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