5 Signs that you are a good poet !

5 Signs that you are a good poet !

Hey! Do you like listening or reading poems? Does the need to write your own poems awakens from those poems you listen or read? Following you’ll learn good signs of a poet. Do you like to read different poets? What is the speciality you found in those poets? If you are a poet, do you apply those speciality in your poem? Do you ask yourself how every poet developed different speciality in them? When or why a poet called a good poet?
Poets & writers have different speciality just different ways to portray themselves. I believe that the art of writing poetry is an art that requires your understanding and your thinking. You have to carry your thought together with all this and I think this quality is we all have in common who are good creators.
Even after you learn to write poetry and still feel that you lack something in your writing. You have to analyse your writing and find out what it lacks, then you work on your weak areas.
The art of writing poetry is a gift. Some have this talent from birth and some start writing after facing some situations in their life to have a way to let out their emotions. In any case, it’s most important to know your emotions. Being emotionally attached to your work is a good sign.

So these are those 5 signs :

1. The best signs of a poet is being sensitive.

When the poet connects with society, they starts experiencing many types of emotions. From their emotional understanding level they get to know lots of aspects of society. Expressing the sensitivity of the poet, Sunita Yarde once said, “There is no such subject of society, for which the poet does not speak a single word in their mind.” It is not an easy thing to convey the emotions and sensitivity of the thoughts, the poet’s mind has, to everyone. A poet is only a person who thinks deeply about everything, thinks about every event and presents them beautifully in their poetry by expressing those events with sensitivity, the events call for. Hence, being sensitive is a poet’s innate quality.

2. Another signs of a poet is the abundance of creativity.

Giving your poem a beautiful shape, to produce new ideas and develop creative qualities is always a poet’s desire. Describing someone’s personality and actions leads to broad thinking. You get to see newness in the creation of a great poet. It is very important to enhance your creative imagination. Exploring in creative trends, style of poetry, philosophical thinking, linguistic structure, abstract meaning etc. have a special role. So if you want to be a good poet or you are already a good poet, having boundless creativity would be wonderful regarding the limitless possibilities we have to express our thoughts on.

3. Being ambitious regarding your interest are good signs of a poet.

Sometimes you will see a mistakes in your poetry and you might think that your poem is not good, there is scope for improvement. So you work on it and learn more to make it better, make it up to your bar of expectations. This makes you a good poet because making your poem beautiful day by day with more efforts so that it is better expressed is a sure sign of a good poet. It is very important to be attentive towards your poetry, befriend the language and giving your best to write something unexampled with your hard work and keep trying again so it is appropriately expressed, all these qualities about writing a poetry are engrained in poets.

4- Tendency to be persistence is.

Poetry is a composition of rhythm, coordination, verses, when a poet writes their composition, they take care of tone, rhythm and synonyms. The end of a line seems to match the end of another line or goes with flow of the poetry as if a never ending stream of words. In writing, you have to take care of words, use those that provide required grace in your poem. Many styles of writing a poetry have originated and keep originating, you can see supremacy of different styles when you read beautiful pieces of each style. A good poet is oriented towards the art of writing with their perspective and knowing different styles will help you find either your preferred style or will help you know you are comfortable in more than one style. Writing consistently helps to improve your vocabulary, imagination and how easy words flow. Reading constantly helps you see a variety of language or dialects or styles like ghazal and eloquent poems which gave us joy while reading them. So consistency is one of the qualities good poets have.

5. Intrest in literature & art is a basic sign of a poet.

It is very important to enter in the literary environment to create an integral composition. To get a glimpse of the emotions and public welfare in poetry, a good poet must know and understand parts of literature. While composing the poetry, it is necessary to consult books on related matter to have complete information about the topic. Reading religious literature, spiritual literature, social literature etc. enhances your knowledge about them and help you to portray things related to them well. So if you have a high level of literary interest then you will be known as a good poet.

Your qualities are the best way to know and understand youself better. Keep improving yourself and your qualities by not doubting your capabilities. By working on your weak points and as a good poet never stop writing. Despite being better than many poets, continue to strive for the best. While you strive to do better try not to get anxious, strengthen your grip on your thoughts and words better. Try to keep an optimistic view because you are trying. It is also one of the quality of a good poet. You are a good reader, you are trying your best and you are special cause no one can put your thoughts in words better than you. You are the creator of future.

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