कितना आत्मनिर्भर भारत? Aatmanirbhar

I am penning down my love for my country INDIA because times have come that I my credibility towards my beloved soil needs to be certified by the unknown .
The inglorious deeds of the egregious elements of society have defamed the very pluralistic culture of my country . This is not at all a bias but an attempt to weigh how much bharat has become आत्मनिर्भर।

We are citizens of country dreaming of regaining the india that we lost 1000 years back , with 22 crores people living in abject poverty and 40% of the population defecating in open . The status of the destitutes have worsened with pandemic hitting people in huge numbers. The feeble facing the harsh loo and the rich facing the air of AC’S . Whilst the people use car for a minute-drive for having essential commodities there are some eho love to walk 500 km with kilos of their belongings on head and neck.

These people are posers for photographers , news item for journalists , vote bank for politicians ,people to sympathise for the influential ,impatient illiterate for some , inebraiting nuisance for some but not INDIANS .
They are those estranged diligent workers who are under-paid and unprivileged . They are the largest and strongest force of the nation . They are those who erect tall buildings but cannot enter it . They are those underrated six pack ab labourers who have pestles and mortars instead of dumbbells and brands to endorse . They are those mothers in your neighbourhood who are able to proselytise a vivid forest camp to a 6-member home with lpg cylinders and portable toilets attached outside to it .

We have to be remembered in these hard times that we as a family of 130 crore fail to serve the ones who are in dire need of our help . We are children of faith anymore but children of rationality and responibilty and thus we fail to to become both . The new hype of “आत्मनिर्भरता -self-dependence ” remains in whatsapp forwards and memes. But some indians cannot be आत्मनिर्भर in finding their houses away of their places . They might be invisible to the authorites but visible to you . Do whatever might you can because we are the civilisation who have always given to the world and asked none. We are the ones who commemorate nature to be mother earth and found the compassion in dumb creatures .
Still the ignorant invincibles in the times have disappered when people with same or different tongue or skin , with same flesh and blood but unequal economic status and skewed resources are calling out SOS .
Your deaf ears are mute spectators to anguish of the deprived .

The synopsis of the theme आत्मनिर्भर भारत calls out you , not any govt not any authority neither a celebrity nor a cricketer but you a common indian to put a foot forward and help the indians who ain’t आत्मनिर्भर ।
Jai hind

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