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How to do research for poetry?

Poetry is a blaze of your imagination which you present with a written expression, harmonising the emotions inside with words.
To present it, you have to understand the inner feelings.
Most people have problems while writing poetry for the reason that they do not understand their emotions. First thing first , you should know your thoughts; understand yourself.
Here, you will learn step by step for poetry research. All that is nessesary for "how to do research for a poetry?"

5 Signs that you are a good poet !

Hey! Do you like listening or reading poems? Does the need to write your own poems awakens from those poems you listen or read? Following you’ll learn good signs of a poet. Do you like to read different poets? What is the speciality you found in those poets? If you are a poet, do you apply those speciality in your poem? Do you ask yourself how every poet developed different speciality in them? When or why a poet called a good poet?
Poets & writers have different speciality just different ways to portray themselves.