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The Writer’s Villa is a wholesome place for young and upcoming writing talents. It is your home, your virtual abode, to explore yourself and your thriving passion towards writing and reading.

This is not just a platform to present your creativity through online writing contests, but it is a huge world of writings, stories, open mics, poetries, publishing, and literary activities.

Apart from the huge responsibility of publishing house, our company is focussed on several other activities related to words and literature. We deal with literature of both Hindi and English language. We already comprise of over 150 highly skilled writing experts

Ongoing Events!

Welcome to ‘On-Stage’, our first Open Mic within the four walls of our rooms.

Even though the lockdown has been lifted in a restricted sense, it’s better to be camped within our homes than to be on ventilation. Thus, we at The Writer’s Villa, keeping in mind the present scenario; have brought to all the literary enthusiasts a new platform to express them; because expressions shouldn’t stop.

‘On-Stage’ is our first open mic organized through Google Meet and to be live-streamed on YouTube. It’s Time to Change and we all are ready to embrace it. All the performances in this event will be for only Rs. 100. The audience will be charged just a minimal amount of Rs. 50. Register yourself and stock up your popcorn buckets for August.

The event will be organized in two shifts i.e. on 1st August and 2nd August. The timing for this open mic night is going to be from 7 pm to 9 pm. The time limit for each performance is 10 minutes. Also, we have a little gift to cheer up your face. The Best Performance of this event will be receiving Goodies from us. So grab your snacks, and get ready with your diaries to spill out some emotions through these applications.

What we Offer ?

Writing Contests

Self Publishing

Open Mics

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Come write with us

Our Come Write With Us program has begun. We are here with this platform, waiting for you to submit your entries here on The Writer’s Villa.

The charges for publishing your work varies by the number of entries you want to submit. Don’t worry, we have a time based plan as well for enthusiastic people.


Featured Poets


मैं और मेरा आइना

दरवाजे की देहलीज़ के पार टंगा,आइना बड़ी देर तलक मुझे देखे जा रहा है, जानता है,सब राज जो छुपे हैं दिल की फलक पर तभी इतना इतरा रहा है|

जो चल रही उलझने मेरे भीतर तितर-बितर होकर,उसे सब बताना चाहती हूँ, जो बचे-कुचे सवाल पूछ नहीं पाई अब तक,उसका जवाब पाना चाहती हूँ||



अब सीने से लगाया ना कर

ज़िन्दगी में नहीं आना तो ना बोल, इन वादों पे मुझे तड़पाया ना कर… बहुत ज़ख़्म दिए तेरे कई वादों ने, अब किसी और को देकर परेशान ना कर… तू आती है तो साँसें थम जाती है, तू सामने आकर यूँ तन्हा ना कर… बीते लमहों की यादें बहुत तड़पाती है, उन लमहों की याद तू दिलाया ना कर… साथ छूट गया है तेरा और मेरा,…………..



Now I know

Now I know

Meeting you was only meant To woke me up from illusion I dreamt The idea of love wasn’t wrong, but You weren’t the one God wanted to present………….

Featured Story Writers

Meghna Khanna

Two sisters and a maid

“Okay, Prachi baaji take care… I am leaving for home now…,” said Aziz, a maid working in the house of Rao’s – the biggest industrialists in the town, as she shut the door behind.

Aziz turned around and was left surprised as she looked two men approaching her. She tried to call for help or run inside the house, but one man came and shut her mouth with his hand.


A letter to my ex-best friend forever

Dear anmol,
I know you must be thinking that when it changed from motu to anmol, actually even I don’t know about that!

I don’t know when that friendship broke, how it broke, when that Motu Patlu change to Anmol and Neha that two friends who were will always together and now if coincidently meet on road just exchange smiles!, how much distance has increased in between us!